If you choose to become a parent, you can expect to feel a wide range of emotions and fears.  You may also feel very unprepared.
At Evany Clinic we will help you with the education, materials, and resources you need to be a successful parent.
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You may have more questions than answers about parenting or maybe the thought of becoming a parent seems impossible to you at this time. We've talked to hundreds of clients who are concerned about things like this:



  • My significant other doesn't want the baby but I do

  • I can't tell my family

  • How will I finish school?

  • How will I continue working?

  • Where will I live?

  • I don't have medical insurance

  • I can't afford a child

  • I'm too young


We can talk about all of these issues with you so you can decide if parenting is right for you.


We’re here to help YOU!